Artist Helen Rudnick


A Word About The Artist Helen Rudnick


At age 15 Helen entered a special High School in Hangzhou for the artistically
inclined. After High School, she was accepted into the prestigious China Academy
of Arts where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.
After moving to America, Helen earned a Masters Degree in Fine Art Education at
Kean University.
Even before entering Kean, Helen founded Helen Studio and began teaching art to
students of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Helen quickly built Helen Studio into a
very successful business, teaching upwards of 200 students per semester. Even
though the educations business was still very popular, Helen decided to close the
public location at the end of 2014 so that she could focus on her own art.
Helen has sold a number of paintings directly to private collectors. Helen has also
had three successful solo art exhibitions since closing Helen Studio; The Monroe
Arts Council Fine Arts Gallery in 2016, Crandbury Arts Council Gourgaud Gallery
in 2017, and Small World Coffee Princeton in 2018. In addition, Helen has been
commissioned by a number of private collectors. Helen is currently working on a
several new projects, which includes solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, member
shows, local, and international.
While teaching was no longer Helen’s primary focus, Helen set up a few small
group workshops where she continues to enjoy helping young artists develop there
In recent years Helen has had the opportunity to travel to many of the classic
cities of Europe, to visit small New England towns, and to really explore New York
City and all of it’s boroughs. Helen has used each of these visits to seek out much of
the art that these places had to offer. Helen plans to travel even more in the
coming years, incorporating all these new discoveries into her vision as an artist.
In what form this takes, nobody knows. Clearly there will be new works on paper
and on canvas, but there also may be some things photographic based. You can
also assume something internet based, perhaps some sort of
art/travel/food/culture/??? blog.
As Helen continues to move forward there will be a lot more story to write.
Without question, art will play a major role in that story but so will be the art of

January 2018